Don Huffines needs to empty the Austin swamp with the governor’s bid

Posted by John Lee | [email protected] | Twitter: @ jcl1987

Don Huffines, a fifth generation Texan from Dallas County, competes against incumbent Governor Greg Abbott in hopes of “draining the Austin swamp.”

Huffines built its campaign on being pro-life, conservative, and a godly patriot who has always had a passion for politics.

“I’ve been involved in Republican Party politics all my life,” said Huffines. “I graduated from the University of Texas with a degree in finance in 1981. My parents aren’t political, but I’ve always helped candidates since I was a teenager. I’ve been to 10 state conventions and three national conventions. “

Huffines served in Senate District 16 from 2014-18 and has been married to four boys and one girl for 34 years.

While in the Senate, Huffines was consistently ranked one of the most conservative Senators on the state’s political scorecards and saw corruption in Austin.

“It really is a swamp,” said Huffines.

“It may not be as wide as Washington, DC, but it is so deep. It is full of nepotism to be part of an elite, exclusive club. I think it’s a pretty corrupt, dishonest place. There is no leadership from our governor. “

Huffines said the Republican Party has never been able to enforce law, which is a direct reflection of Abbott’s inadequacies.

“We control everything in Austin,” said Huffines. “But we never get anything in the law because the governor doesn’t want it to be law. The governor doesn’t support the Republican Party platform because he doesn’t believe in it. If he believed in it, we would have everything in the law. “

Huffines said Abbott and many other Republicans are RINOs (Republican In Name Only) and professional politicians.

“He’s using the voters for his own personal gain,” said Huffines. “Like most Republicans, I am tired of being lied to. We are tired of broken and empty promises. We’re tired of being used. “

During a phone interview Thursday, Huffines answered a few questions about his campaign and talked about some of the issues he would like to fix if he is elected.

Rural representation

One of the biggest worries for many people in Texas panhandle when elected officials take office in Austin is whether or not we will be represented nearly 500 miles away.

“This is a priority for the Huffines administration,” said Huffines. “I’m not blaming you for feeling like a stepchild or for being forgotten. I love the panhandle and I love West Texas. I hear the same thing from South Texas (near the U.S.-Mexico border) and they feel the same way. El Paso doesn’t even have the same clock as us.

“It is something that I am sensitive to and that I will work on. The Panhandle, Amarillo in particular, is a unique place in Texas with unique problems compared to Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and the Austin swamp. “

Broadband internet infrastructure

“That’s a legitimate concern,” said Huffines. “As a ranch owner, I have the same problem. It’s hard to work from the ranch if you don’t have high speed internet. Right now I think the best bet is that Texas will stand still on this matter so we don’t think we have the solution and spend the money.
“As you know, the federal government has allocated billions and billions of dollars to the same problem. We also have the private sector and the free market that take care of that too. “

Cooperation with the Biden administration

“I’m always ready to work with anyone who is willing to work with me,” said Huffines. “My general umbrella I fight under is Texas Sovereignty. I will prove that Texas is as sovereign as the United States has never seen it before. We will prove to the US and the world around that Texas is sovereign. We use the US Constitution to do this.

“This also includes my border plan. I will never ask permission from the federal government to secure the Texas border. “

Border security

“I’m going to finish Trump’s wall and build it several hundred miles across the Texas border (we have 1,200 miles),” said Huffines. “It’s going to cost $ 2.5 billion to $ 3 billion, we’ll find the money. Abbott wants to build a wall with a ‘gofundme’ site. It’s about a year’s payback to build the wall because the illegals cost us every year.

“The most important thing I’m going to do is use the US Constitution (Article I, Section X), which was written specifically for the occasion. When a state is invaded, they have the right to do what they have to do to defend themselves.

“It’s very logical based on the intentions of our founding fathers. Of course, if the French invaded South Carolina and the federal government never came to their defense, South Carolina has an opportunity to defend itself. ”

According to Huffines, illegal immigrants from 160 different countries have been caught crossing the border since the beginning of the year.

“Most of them are obviously not from Mexico,” said Huffines. “This is an invasion. So I’m going to hire the entire Texas military and National Guard to secure the 125 bridges over the Rio Grande. I will stop all incoming commercial traffic from Mexico; only incoming, non-outgoing and people who have the appropriate papers. It’s supposed to put economic pressure on Mexico to secure its side of the river. “

Huffines noted that the cartel is making hundreds of billions of dollars on this matter.

“They are the most vicious criminal organization in the world,” said Huffines. “Minds, rape and kill people for fun. They do whatever they want. You are evil. In 30 days I will do what no one has ever done in the history of this country. (Secure border) “

Tax plan

“It’s going to be about eight years,” said Huffines. “We will never have an income tax and everyone will be able to vote on the plan. It will be a constitutional change. I will limit government spending growth to two percent each year. Our sales have grown by seven to eight percent every year. They take that sales growth and lower property tax every year.

“Then you shift part of it to sales tax and the state finances all political sub-units that are currently dependent on property tax (schools, counties, etc.). We won’t change any of the funding formulas. This is very doable and very possible. But you have to have a governor who is committed to it. “

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