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It’s almost there. The long-awaited special election for the removal of Governor Gavin Newsom is scheduled for September 14th. Regardless of which side of the political fence you are on, this topic deserves every Californian’s attention. Surprisingly, 31% of the verified signatures required to qualify for a recall election were from non-Republicans. This fact refutes Newsom and other Democrats’ claims that it is a “Republican” recall. Newsom wants us to believe that, but it’s again just one of his many lies. The fact is that he abused his power and his handling of the COVID-19 crisis. California has faced some of the toughest and longest closures and restrictions in the country, but its mishandling of the pandemic is only a small sample.

Here is a list of some of his most harmful and egregious crimes since he took office (published by

Pardons for felons, including those who have raped, murdered, even committed heinous crimes against children;

AB 5, which affects truck drivers and independent contractors;

Highest homelessness rate in our country;

Violations of our 2nd Amendment rights and new gun and ammunition laws;

Protection state for illegals and criminals;

Made it legal for illegal aliens to sit on state bodies;

Highest state income tax in our country;

One of the highest government sales taxes;

Attempt to restructure Prop 13, increase property tax;

Highest car registration costs in our country;

Compulsory vaccination for children or denial of public education;

Children’s medical records are automatically entered into the database;

Attempt a drinking water tax;

Signed law imposing compulsory health insurance or a fine to pay health insurance for illegal persons;

Support Prop 47, which reduces crime to offenses committed by violent perpetrators;

Release of violent criminals

Limited ability of law enforcement agencies to do their job;

It is no longer illegal not to assist an officer in need;

Highest gas tax in the country before COVID-19;

Teachers can no longer discipline disruptive students;

Illegals receive income tax refunds, welfare, health insurance, housing, education, grocery stamps, and cell phones;

Dissolving popular vote to reintroduce the death penalty;

Diversion of gas tax – not used to improve roads, dams and bridges;

Funds for the “high-speed train to nowhere”;

The refusal to establish a water entitlement system that levies taxes to do just that;

Disassembled death chamber and redistribution of death row inmates through the system;

PG&E power outages and impending takeover of PG&E;

$ 20,000,000 in tax dollars earmarked for vaping studies;

Billions of dollars in secured loans from China; and

$ 50 million in funding for illegal businesses owned by foreigners.

Please vote in person or hand in your voting slip at your polling station or at the registry office. Postal voting cards invite fraud.

– Laura Crivello writes on behalf of the Republican Women of California – Navajo Canyon.