Excise Tax Law

Prosecutors weigh expenses towards second Trump Exec in tax evasion program – commerce watchers

It could be something fishy Matthew Calamari, according to Manhattan District Attorney‘s office. The office is check for calamari, Chief Operating Officer at Trump organization, benefited from a Tax evasion…

Luxury Tax law

Tax Law Income

Trades NL requires modifications to the federal income tax law for craftsmen

(Therein King, file photo.) Trades NL is looking for changes to the Federal Income Tax Act to make it easier for craftsmen who need to travel to work to get…

Estate and Property Tax Law

Colorado residents will vote on marijuana tax, property tax cuts, and oversight of state funding in November

The Coloradans will vote on three statewide polls on November 2nd, including an increase in retail marijuana sales tax, a lower property tax, and legal oversight of government spending. The…