The excise tax on marijuana hits the poll papers at Fort Lupton

Steve Smith

Fort Lupton City Council voted to raise a question about the excise tax on marijuana in November. Councilor Tommy Holton cast the only no-vote out of seven, cast in a special session on August 31.

The tax would start at 1.5 percent and cap it at 4 percent if voters approve.

“Pueblo started at 1 percent and began to lose growing activities when they reached 4 percent,” said Mayor Zo Stieber.

“Give the people what they want,” said Holton.

“I would try 2 percent, but if 1.5 percent is the consensus,” said councilor Chris Ceretto.

City clerk Mari Pena said the finance department will be responsible for managing the excise tax when it is passed. She told the council that there would be minimal police impact if voters approve of the tax.