Convention session “Outlook for Modifications in Corporate and Particular person Tax Regulation in 2021” for September 14th from the American Property Casualty Insurance coverage Affiliation

CHICAGO, Ill., Aug. 25 (TNSeve) – The American Property Casualty Insurance Association has scheduled a conference session entitled “Outlook for Corporate and Tax Law Changes in 2021” as part of its investment conference on September 14, 2021:

According to the agency website:

Jeff Levey, Managing Director, Washington Counsel EY, will discuss the outlook for tax law for the remainder of the year, including proposals from President Biden and others to increase taxes for higher-income individuals and businesses to encourage physical and human investments to finance infrastructure in the coming decade.


Jeff Levey – speaker

Jeff Levey is a Managing Director in EY’s Washington Council Ernst & Young practice. WCEY is a tax and regulatory guidance group providing strategic advice, advocacy assistance, and information services to global corporations on US federal and other tax policy matters. Mr. Levey assists a number of Washington Council and EY clients in general on tax policy issues in Congress, regulators, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and other countries.

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