The place was Senator Grassley for State Tax Withholding?

Aug 23, 2021 10:35 a.m. ET

I have rarely seen a plea as blatant as Senator Chuck Grassley’s objection to a change in inheritance tax (“A ‘Death Knell’ Tax Threatens Family Farms and Businesses,” op-ed, Aug 12). He complains that taxing an estate on unrealized capital gains by removing the top-up base would “destroy a centuries-old tax law that tied the economic and social fabric together”. Mr. Grassley showed no similar concern for Americans in high-tax countries when he supported the 2017 tax reform that deprived citizens of those states the right to deduct state tax payments from their income when calculating federal tax liability. That right had existed for more than a century.

David B. Simpson

Tenafly, New Jersey

The dismantling of goods threatens the value system that originally created jobs and prosperity. Responsible adult model behavior is the real “legacy” that is passed on to the next generation. The Biden government would ruthlessly tax the people until the productive value system is destroyed.