Uncommon Objects To Save On Throughout CT’s VAT Free Week

Connecticut waives 6.35% sales tax for one week each year.

This year, the sales tax grace period is Sunday, August 15, 2021 through Saturday, August 21, 2021. During this week, retail purchases of most clothing and shoes up to US $ 100 are exempt from Connecticut sales tax. The exemption applies to an unlimited number of items. So, if you are the really big top hat type, come and save in huge amounts.

I scoured the list of apparel on the CT.Gov official website and there are some unusual items on Connecticut’s exception list that you may not be aware of. For example, if you were inspired by the Summer Olympics and want to protect your hair while trying to break the Butterfly 400 record in your pool, swimming caps are on the list.

If you want to give Junior an additional $ 6.35 for his graduation card, you can save on graduation caps and gowns. Just think of the motivation to hang the dress over the fireplace in the living room until the graduation ceremony next May. A constant reminder that you’ve saved.

Earmuffs, who the hell doesn’t need a luxurious pair of earmuffs? In November it will be damn cold in Watertown. You can afford to upgrade to the Deluxe Faux Fur Ear Muffs next week. Golfer? It’s your week Golf dresses and skirts, golf jackets, golf shirts, ponchos, raincoats, and baseball caps, basically all of your wardrobe except golf gloves and golf shoes, all tax-free when they cost $ 100 or less.

Yes, there are some items that will be taxed even if they are less than $ 100. These include: Athletic Supporters, Lobster Bibs, Purses, Roller Skates, Martial Arts Apparel, and Handbags and Purses that Mrs. Large says “Boo” to.

click HERE to see the full list of items. Remember Connecticut’s VAT-Free Week is Sunday, August 15 – Saturday, August 21, 2021. Good luck shopping.

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