Chubbuck Metropolis Council approves a 3% tax improve and plans to fund a brand new hearth station

Chubbuck City Council will meet on August 18, 2021 to approve a budget for fiscal year 2022. | Kalama Hines,

CHUBBUCK – The Chubbuck City Council unanimously approved a 3% budget increase for the 2022 budget year at the council meeting on Wednesday.

According to the budget, taxes are increased by $ 40 annually – $ 3.33 monthly – for every $ 100,000 of taxable value. This means that a home with an estimated value of $ 300,000 would increase by $ 120, or $ 10 per month, annually.

The new building will generate $ 159,498 in tax revenue for the city.

“The lion’s share of that increase will actually come from the new build,” said Councilman Ryan Lewis, who moved for the budget to be approved. “I am aware that we will impose a slight increase on each property owner … but I think we need to be prepared as the city grows and we increase in number, our requirements will increase. ”

“I appreciate the council’s willingness to do this,” said City Treasurer Rich Morgan. “I really think it’s best for the city as a whole.”

The city will use the collected tax dollars to fully fund the workforce expansion – new hires, promotions, and wage increases for city workers – at a cost of $ 280,500. In addition, US $ 66,865 will be invested in a maintenance and operating reserve and US $ 162,187 in the development of a new fire station.

The city must ask taxpayers for a deposit to cover the remaining cost of a new fire station. But given the opportunity to speak about the budget proposal, the only member of the city’s taxpayer base who spoke directly on the proposal, Jason Mendenhall, assured the council that the city would back it, saying that the city’s residents would be their first would support responders.

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Two new officers sworn in

Mayor Kevin England sworn in two new members of the Chubbuck Police Department ahead of the budget discussion at the city council meeting on Wednesday.

Chubbuck PD officials Nathan Robertson (left) and Morgan Anderson are sworn in by Mayor Kevin England. | Kalama Hines,

Both Morgan Anderson and Nathan Robertson are graduates of Pocatello Highland High School and Idaho State University’s Law Enforcement Program.

Prior to his law enforcement career, Anderson was a student in the ISU’s EMT program while Robertson volunteered with the North Bannock County Fire Department, according to Chubbuck Police Chief Bill Guiberson.

“The badge represents the public trust with which they have authority and to which they must remain loyal,” said Guiberson.

The council clears the way for the raids on the food truck on Friday evening

The council unanimously agreed to a temporary waiver of the right of way, creating the possibility of food truck events at Chubbuck City Hall.

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According to the city law, no temporary seller is allowed to block vehicle or footpaths. At the Wednesday meeting, the council granted the downtown food truck plan a month of leeway to close the street immediately north of the town hall to food trucks on Friday evening in September.

The decision was not made without discussion.

Councilor Melanie Evans was concerned about the possible appearance of nepotism, saying city residents have asked permission to block city property in Cotant Park for temporary business.

“I want this all over town. I think that’s a great thing, ”she said. “But I have a hard time understanding how to explain this to residents who have been asking for it for months and bumping into brick walls.”

After discussions, it was found that the request Evans was referring to would have blocked sidewalks for months and required the use of city power. While the food truck raids would vacate the area in hours and completely self-sustaining.

The city plans to host these weekly food truck events every Friday during the spring, summer, and fall months. The events take place in the parking lots around the new town hall.

Council and city officials will seek a change in legal language that would support ongoing events such as the Food Truck Roundup, with the intention of finalizing this decision by October.

Chubbuck City Hall

The city council meeting on Wednesday evening was the first to be held at the new Chubbuck Town Hall. A ribbon cutting ceremony is scheduled for September 14th. | Kalama Hines,