Courtroom is suing Dhanush over entry tax software on luxurious automobile imports

According to top star Vijay, actor Dhanush received a lawsuit in court Thursday for contesting immigration tax on the import of a luxury car, with the judge noting that lower-income people paid taxes immediately and didn’t knock on the doors of justice for a possible To get relief.

Judge SM Subramaniam, who previously made some stern remarks against Vijay for deferring the court against collecting immigration tax on his imported Rolls Royce Ghost car, ordered Dhanush on Thursday to collect a sum of Rs 30.30 lakh within 48 hours to be paid.

“You drive the luxury car on the laid-out roads with taxpayers’ money. Even a milk seller and a day laborer pay taxes for every liter of gasoline they buy.

None of them turn to the court for exemption from such taxes, ” said the judge.

After indicting the national award-winning actor-producer in challenging the court against imposing an import tax on the importation of his Rolls Royce Ghost for Rs 2.15 billion from England in 2015, Judge Dhanush ordered Rs 30.30 lakh Remaining amount of the input tax to the trade tax department within 48 hours.

Dhanush had previously paid half of the Rs 60.60 lakh entry tax.

The judge also instructed the firm to ensure that affidavits submitted by parties to the litigation in written motions are taken into account regarding compliance with the requirements of the Madras High Court Writ Rules, 2021.

Since Dhanush did not mention his profession in the column before filing the petition and left it blank, the judge gave this order.

“Dhanush had suppressed the fact,” noted the judge.

In the event of negligence, negligence or negligence on the part of the officials concerned, the Chancellor General of the High Court will take appropriate action under the applicable service regulations, the judge added.

When the petition was presented to the judge early that morning, he raped Dhanush for failing to pay immigration tax on time, even after the Supreme Court ordered him to do so.

Possibly out of fear of being pulled up like Vijay, Dhanush’s lawyer prayed for the court’s permission to withdraw his petition. However, the judge refused to comply.

The attorney told the judge that Dhanush had already paid 50 percent of the tax and was now ready to pay the rest.

Therefore, he could be allowed to withdraw the petition, the attorney said, adding that he had filed the necessary memos on the matter.

The judge dismissed the lawsuit, indicating that the petition had been pending since 2015.

“If your intentions are real, you should have paid the tax no later than the 2018 Supreme Court settling the matter. Now that the Supreme Court has made the matter available, seek to withdraw the tax, ”the judge said.

“It is undoubtedly your right to postpone the court.

But you should have paid the tax and withdrew the application no later than after the top court settled the matter in 2018, “the court added.

The judge then ordered the trade tax clerk in question to be present in court with the request that the actor pay the pending tax by the afternoon.

In the afternoon, the judge recorded the CTO’s order for payment and passed the order.

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