Kickstart: For everybody’s security | Plastic information

Plastic groups applauded the bipartisan passage of the US Senate’s $ 1.2 trillion infrastructure plan on Aug. 10, with the Plastics Industry Association enacting provisions to boost recycling and replace lead pipes. The American Chemistry Council also said it welcomed the Senate vote, saying infrastructure spending will lead to greater use of materials.

However, ACC also reiterated concerns about a Superfund excise tax on 42 chemicals that could harm US global competitiveness and “have far-reaching, negative economic effects”.

In general, higher spending on infrastructure projects should create more opportunities for plastics suppliers for items needed in municipal water and sewer systems, high-speed internet, and electric vehicles.

But beyond these new sales, just imagine the benefits of a stronger transportation system for railways, roads and ports.

“Meeting [a] With the constant demand for chemical products, chemical manufacturers use a variety of routes to move their products, including rail, road and water, “ACC said in a recent press release.” A strong transportation network is critical to keeping the chemical business and economy moving keep .”

Anyone who has seen the massive disruption from hurricanes like Harvey and Laura should appreciate improvements to fix roads and train stations and keep cargo moving in ports.