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21 SP 51 SALE NOTICE NORTH CAROLINA, CABARRUS COUNTY Pursuant to and by virtue of a power of attorney contained in this particular trust deed issued by Robert L. Little aka Robert Lynwood Little dated November 19, 2009 recorded on November 24, 2009 , in Book 08973, page 0299 ​​of the Cabarrus County Public Register (“Deed of Trust”), which transfers certain Cabarrus County real estate to Joan H. Anderson, Trustee, for the benefit of Flagstar Bank, FSB. After the debt security backed by the trust deed has defaulted and the signatory in the trust deed has been appointed as a trustee and the holder of the debt establishing the failure has ordered that the trust deed be foreclosed, the undersigned substitute trustee will become on 18. the highest bidder for cash, the property in Cabarrus County, North Carolina described below, namely: It is the identical property that was sold to Robert L. Little, also known as Robert Lynwood Little, in Book 8849, on July 31, 2009, Page 143 in. the Cabarrus County Public Register was transferred. The property is identical to that reported to Robert L. Little and Shannon Brooke Little on December 31, 2002, in Book 4230, page 34 on the Cabarrus County Public Register. PIN: 56316534030000 1168 Old Salisbury Road Concord, NC 28025 Located and located in Number Five (5) Township, Cabarrus County, North Carolina, is adjacent to VM Murph, Charles Brafford and others and is a 7.85 acre property Property as on a survey of Tract 6, “Leroy A. Scott Estate”, surveyed for Security Real Estate by Mel G. Thompson, June 30, 1981, and more precisely described as follows: Starting at an existing iron pin on the south side of the Old Concord-Salisbury Road (SR 1002), a corner of VM Murph and Charles Brafford, the start point is South 00-49-08 East 24.93 feet from a PK nail on the center line of Old Concord-Salisbury Road (SR 1002) and Penninger Road (SR 2113) and from there joins the Brafford South line 71-20-27 East 205.86 feet to an existing iron pin, a corner of Charles Brafford; then on on the Brafford South line 05-23 East for a distance of 699.48 feet to a new iron pin, a corner of a 3.24 acre section on the Brafford line; thence to the northern boundary of the 3.24 hectare area, south 70-26-37 west 479.51 feet to a new iron pin on the eastern edge of a driveway leading from Old Concord-Salisbury Road; thence with the right of way north 22-10-27 west 554.72 feet to a new iron pin; thence north 72-29-55 east, crossing an existing iron pin at 7 feet for a distance of 465.57 feet to a stone, a corner of VM Murph; then continue on the line from Murph, North 09-07-53 West, 272.45 feet to the beginning. The grantor also hereby transfers a right of way to get on and off the property over and on a right of way of 0.98 acres of the western boundaries of the property, the right of way being shown during the above survey. Except and excluded are all releases, release certificates or previous transmissions of records. This property is commonly known as 1168 Old Salisbury Concord Road, Concord, NC 28025; PIN: 56316534030000 A cash deposit (no personal checks) equal to five percent (5%) of the purchase price or Seven Hundred Fifty Dollars ($ 750.00), whichever is greater, payable to Bell Carrington Price & Gregg, PLLC at the time of sale. After the statutory bid period has expired, all remaining amounts are due and payable immediately. According to NC Gen. Stat. Section 45-21.30, if the highest bidder in the case of the sale, resale or another disgruntled bidder does not fulfill his bid when submitting a deed for the property or after a bona fide attempt to offer such a deed, the clerk of the higher court can issue a resolution upon request issued for the resale of the property. The defaulting bidder in a sale or resale, or any defaulting bidder who is upset, will be liable for the bid made and will remain liable in the event of a resale due to such delay provided the final sale price is less than the bid plus all the costs of any resale . Every down payment or performance guarantee made by the defaulting bidder secures the payment of the amount for which the defaulting bidder according to NC Gen. Stat. § 45-21.30. THIRD PARTY BUYERS MUST PAY THE EXCISE TAX AND RECORDING COSTS FOR THEIR DOCUMENT. The property to be offered in accordance with this sales announcement is offered for sale, transfer and transfer “AS IS, WHERE IS”. There are no guarantees made regarding the title or any physical, environmental, health or safety conditions in, on, on or in relation to the property being offered for sale. This sale is subject to all overriding liens, including taxes and special assessments. To the best of the undersigned’s knowledge and belief, Robert L. Little A / K / A Robert Lynwood Little is / are the current owner (s) of the property. According to NC Gen. Stat. Section 45-21.29, in favor of the buyer and against the party or parties by the clerk of the higher court of the district in which the property is being sold. Any person who lives in the property on the basis of a rental agreement concluded or extended on or after October 1, 2007, can cancel the rental agreement in writing to the landlord after receipt of the purchase notice with effect from a date specified in the notice of termination, which is at least 10 days, but not is more than 90 days after the sale date included in the notice, unless the mortgage debtor has cured the default at the time the lessee gives notice. In the notice of termination, it must also be pointed out that upon termination of a tenancy agreement, the tenant is liable for the rent due from the lease on a pro rata basis at the time the termination takes effect [N.C. Gen. Stat. § 45-21.16(b)(2)]. Upon termination of a rental agreement, the tenant is liable for the rent due from the rental agreement on a pro rata basis until the termination takes effect. If for any reason the trustee is unable to transfer ownership of that property, the buyer’s only remedy is to return the security deposit. Reasons for such inability to transmit include filing for bankruptcy prior to confirming the sale and resuming the loan without the knowledge of the trustee. If the validity of the sale is challenged by either party, the Trustee may, in its sole discretion, if the Trustee deems the challenge legitimate, request the court to annul the sale and return the security deposit. The buyer is no longer entitled to any legal remedy. Cape Fear Trustee Services, LLC, Deputy Trustee Attorney Aaron Seagroves, NCSB No. 50979 5550 77 Center Drive, Suite 100 Charlotte, NC 28217 PHONE: 980-201-3840 Published: Aug 4, 11, 2021.