UPaisa introduces the car token tax cost system

Motor vehicle token tax payment By employing UPaisa, it leverages its innovative digital financial ecosystem to enable hassle-free payments to government agencies that used to take a lot of time and effort. The only Pakistani mobile financial service that allows users to make direct payments to hundreds of organizations, including government agencies, either through its app, or to use USSD as they see fit.

UPaisa users experience unprecedented ease and access to excise duties and taxes, alongside payments to FBR, Punjab Revenue Authority, and a host of other government agencies in Islamabad, Punjab, and Sindh. The digitization of the crucial service will bring tremendous relief and access to users, especially in regions where there is no access to adequate banking services.

The best time to get the service is NOW as UPaisa is offering 1000MB free for 3 days for payments through the UPaisa app or USSD. Here’s how you can make government payments through the UPaisa app or USSD.

Token Tax / Challan Payment for Islamabad

  1. Download and install ‘Islamabad City’ app from the Google Play Store
  2. Go to in the app ‘Excise Duties and Taxes’ section
  3. Tap on ‘Token Tax’, ‘Excise Tax Challan’ or any other service as per your requirement
  4. Enter your vehicle number
  5. Select ‘1-Invoice’ and press the ‘Pay Now’ button
  6. The app generates an 18-digit PSID code
  7. Copy it

Now that you have the PSID, you can either use the UPaisa app or the USSD. pay

  1. UPaisa app users go to “Payments” and select “1-Bill”
  2. Select ‘Voucher Payment’
  3. Now enter the 18-digit PSID code that was copied from the “City Islamabad” app
  4. Your amount due will be automatically retrieved and displayed
  5. Check the information and make the payment

When paying by USSD:

  1. Select * 786 # from your phone to access the main menu
  2. Select “Bill Payment” and tap “More”
  3. Tap “More” again and select “1Invoice”
  4. Now select ‘Payments’ and enter the 18-digit PSID
  5. Check your details and make the payment

Car token tax Islamabad 2021Car token tax Islamabad 2021

Car token tax Islamabad 2021

Token tax / challan payment in Punjab

UPaisa users can generate the voucher number through the Punjab government’s payment gateway, e-Pay Punjab, which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Follow the simple steps below to complete your payment.

  1. On the home screen of the “e-Pay Punjab” app, select “Excise & Taxation Department” for the token tax and “Punjab Police” for the payment of traffic noise
  2. Enter your vehicle details
  3. The app calls up details about your vehicle and the amount due
  4. Proceed with the payment via ‘1-Bill’, which will generate the voucher number
  5. Copy the voucher number and open your UPaisa app
  6. In your UPaisa app, tap on “Payments” and again on “Epay”.
  7. Select ‘Coupon Payment’ here and enter or paste the PSID copied from ‘e-Pay Punjab’.
  8. The app calls up all relevant details
  9. Review the information and proceed to finalize the transaction

The service can also be used via USSD:

  1. Dial * 786 # from your phone
  2. Then select ‘Pay bills’ and ‘Pay utility bills’
  3. Next, select “More” then “Government Payment” to go to “e-Pay Punjab”.
  4. Enter the voucher number and make the payment

Pay Token Tax Online, Pay Token Tax Online Punjab, Token TaxPay token tax online – Punjab [Complete Guide].

Pay vehicle token tax online in Punjab

UPaisa users can also pay their vehicle registration fee, vehicle handover fee, property tax and a range of other government levies by selecting the appropriate service in the e-Pay application, generating the voucher number and entering it in the UPaisa app.

Payments to FBR / Punjab Revenue Authority (PRA)

Similarly, both UPaisa app and USSD users can conveniently make payments to the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), Punjab Revenue Authority (PRA), SECP, and other billers. You can also pay DIRBS tax for imported cell phones to FBR through the same channel.

  1. To make payments to FBR or PRA, users need to generate the reference number / voucher number from their respective portals against the required services
  2. Open the UPaisa app as soon as you have the voucher number (PSID).
  3. Go to “Payments” and select “Government Fee”
  4. Select “FBR” or “PRA” according to your home province
  5. Enter the voucher number and your phone number so that the app retrieves your details
  6. Check the details and complete the transaction

USSD users need to do the following:

  1. Dial * 786 # from your phone
  2. Select Pay Bills, then select Utility Bill Payments.
  3. In the following menu, select “More” and then “Government payments”.
  4. Select “FBR”, “ePay Punjab” or another department and add your “Voucher Number / PSID” to receive your data
  5. Check the accuracy of the data and proceed with the payment

Excise duties and taxes in Sindh

UPaisa also offers the people of Sindh the unprecedented ease of making digital government payments. To use the facility:

  1. Visit the Excise and Taxation Department, the Sindh Government portal https://taxportal.excise.gos.pk/ and register
  2. Add your vehicle in the “Vehicle Details” section
  3. Go to ‘Tax payment’ and click on the ‘Payment via bank channel’ drop-down menu
  4. Calculate your taxes
  5. The site will pull your data and ask you to generate your PSID
  6. Copy the PSID

Now you can either through the digital app from UPaisa or USSD. pay

1. To pay the token tax through the UPaisa app, go to “Payments” and select “1-Bill”.

2. Choose ‘Voucher payment’

3. Paste the PSID code and proceed to paying the tax


1. Dial * 786 # on your phone to access the main menu

2. Select “Billing” and tap “More”.

3. Tap “More” again and select “1Invoice”.

4. Now select ‘Voucher payment’ and enter the PSID

5. Review your details and make the payment

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Payments are made through users’ UPaisa accounts, which can be created through the UPaisa app or through USSD. Users can deposit cash into their accounts through their nearest UPaisa agent or directly from other banks with Interbank Funds Transfer (IBFT), which is completely free. Government departments aside, UPaisa has a wide variety of billers from different sectors including utility services, m-day education, health and more to bring unprecedented opportunities to users.

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